Angela V. Holland is an abstract artist working in mixed media and living in Santa Barbara, California.  A former educator and psychotherapist, Angela has had a lifelong passion for abstract art which has found expression in recent years with a vibrant studio practice.   

Her work is in private collections as well as in the permanent collections of International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction in Santa Fe, NM; The Santa Barbara County Arts Commission; Retroavangarda Permanent Collection, International Collage Art Exhibition, April 2019 Retroavangarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. The Daily Muse featured an exclusive interview with Angela in March 2015.  Kolaj Magazine included her in their Collage Artist Trading Cards, Pack 5 and published a large mixed media piece, The Happy Child, in their Exhibition-in-Print, “the Child in Collage” in Kolaj issue #14.  


I am moved by the intricate patterns of nature and the manmade world—from cracks in the sidewalk or a spider’s fragile web illuminated in the morning dew—to the weird ropey formations of pahoehoe lava. And I am disturbed by the violence and inhumanity of life on our planet. These dichotomous feelings find their expression in the lines, shapes, and textures of my abstract work. From this perspective, making art is often the most appropriate response I have for dealing with daily life.

Whether I am working with paint, paper, or mixed media, my process is basically an intuitive one. I offer my unconscious mind the opportunity to express itself. Sometimes this results in work that is dark or foreboding. Other times it may be light and playful. My only constraint, if it can be called that, is that my finished work be both sensually appealing and emotionally evocative in some way, both for myself and the viewer.